Saturday, January 18, 2014

International Makeup Artist Trade Show 2014 Review

As my dad drop me off, I saw Leesha to get lunch. I have a meet & greet with the beautiful and sexy CharismaStar and Jacob-Kun. I saw Frank from Downey Makeup Academy to get lunch I think and of course Gleen Hetrick from Faceoff. Debuting my akatsku umbrella….

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Anime Los Angeles 10 Review

This is a close knit convention. This is held at Marriot Los Angeles. There is a lot of gatherings, panels, workshops and much more. I attended a panel called Cosplay Music Videos 101. You have to choose a concept, lip sync version, or sitcom version. Invest a sony vegas. For my videos, I used IMovie. You can do group music videos. There is also a ribbon etiquette. There is access services, costume repair station, parents lounge, autograph area, artist alley, cosplayy exhibit, dealers hall, anime video room, con suite, blue rose maid cafe, tabletop gaming, game center, photo studio, manga lounge, karaoke, rock band, cosplayy gatherings, cosplayy chess, scavenger hunt, fashion show, amy contest, rum party, masquerade, fan tables, band performances and more. I went to the closing ceremonies with joel s. This is my first time going. I want to say thanks to Andy Perez, Angel Kittenn Tsukiyomi, Thee Sycotik, Law Black Cosplay, Charle Santoyo, Jirya Time, Shelby Morris, Kevin Juraez, Diana Chen, Scott Kim, JR, Jose Balderas, Lulu Louise, Louie Santos, Andy Bravo, Nana Rump, Nadine Nightmare, Keith Mahone, Hitomi Chan, Lizzy Garcia, Stephen Jackson, Claude Fatstus, Erin McFly, Dan Cooke, Alos Tracyhive, Micheal Ngu, Nathan Hall, Vanessa Abrai, Warin Chosawasdi, Romeo Locsin, John Jager, Jeffery Clark, Inga Chan, Kevin Nguyen, Cindy Liang, Lauren Crillo, Alex Halycon, Dale Oshima, and Crystal Chang for making my first year at Anime Los Angeles so awesome!!! Love y'all and blessings to have y'all in my life. Sorry if I didn't see you or mention you… I want to say thanks to Sleepy Jan Photography,