Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pacific Media Expo 2015

The convention was held in Pasadena Convention Center. The address is 300 E Green St, Pasadena CA 91101. You can call in (626) 793- 2122. The days I went to are Saturday and Sunday. The panels and concerts I went to is Femme Fatale. The concert venue was small but loud. The concert start at 7:30pm in the convention center. The panel I went to is CosFest Iron Cosplay. It start around 1:30pm-3pm in LP3 at the conference center. The panel I went to is Comfy Cosplay Guidline at 4:30pm-05pm in LP3 in the conference center. I met Kyoko Hikami at the autograph booth. On Sunday, I went to Jin (behindinfifity) Q&A in LP1 at the conference center and I got a photo for Jin. There wasn't a karaoke room at the convention

Anime California 2015

I was working as a staff member for registration. Day one, I was Sailor Moon Mercury, day two I was bob from bob's burgers and day three I was konan from Naruto. I met Vic Mignogna and Ellyn Stern. I played Munchkin Steampunk in the tabletop game room. I played Cosplay Chess on the last day. The vendors I went to are Geek Goddess Cosplay, Cloud Food Creations, Coca Cola and Sangunie Threads. Im on the staff credits

Friday, July 31, 2015

Anime Expo 2015

This is my third year at Anime Expo. The gatherings I went to is Sailor Moon, One Piece and Tokyo Ghoul. On the last day, I cosplayed Konan from Naruto. I watched the new primerer of Sailor Moon Crystal with my boyfriend. There was a second Sailor Moon gathering at Anime Expo but I was late. On Friday, I went to the official sailor moon panel and the official sailor moon cosplayy gathering. On Saturday, I went to the Cosplayy Senpai Panel with my sister. I didn't go any panels on Sunday

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ninja-Con 2015

This was my first time going. It was in Little Tokyo held in June 10.
The website is

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Anime Los Angeles 2015

The last year of the Marriot Hotel. We are going to move to Ontario Convention Center. I was worked for the convention. I was in the ConSuite but I was helping out with the Anime California booth since I was a staff member. I want to thank Chaz Baden and Christina Wen for let me volunteer at the convention. I want to thank Irene Cruz, JR Swag, Kevin Juraz, Philip Kim, Claude Faustaus, Jaholon Escudeno, Chel Curtis, Rayko Dig, Sauske Louie, King Lin, Chise Chan, Lulu Zerbe, Nathan Hall, Diana Chen, Toxic RS, Auris Flown, Dale O, Stephen Jackson, Jose Balderas, Kevin Ngygen, Eddie Quintero, Chris Cheeseman, Marc Liggins, Ranma Saotome, Marcela Meza, Sui Meja, Rin Dunois, Kathryn A, Paula Whistel, Vian Duong, Harmony Royal, Edgar Andres, Allison Meyer, Anthony Ampora, Ha Yeon Sung, Aria Omidwar, Sean Cardeno, Vincent Vencio, Chibi Rodan, Paige Willey, Judie Hong, Vlad Medel, and Danny Gonzales for hang out with me at the convention. I want to thank the ConSuite Staff and the Blue Rose Maid Cafe. I want to thank all of my fans for coming by and say hi during the convention. The cosplayy gatherings I went to was One Piece, Naruto, and DMMD. The panels I went to are Female Villans and the Ulimate Naruto Fan Panel. Congrats to my friend Diana Chen in the Postcard Roundup.