Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I went to a event called Kawaiiland. It was hosted by Luna Lovebad. The place was in Los Globos. The live dj set was Tune in Tokyo. Live performance by Nylon Pink and art by Plastic God. The website is kawaiiland.org. The vendors was Sugar and Space, Miss Alphanet, Jade Alexandra, Enkyokulls, Drea Ruiz, Rebulution, Lawrence Raymond Lopez, Syd Hanson, Edward Cap, Geeky Glamourous, Nerdy Bit, Clay Quarry, Rosaleen, Dhu Designs, So Kute Creations, The Finder Thing, Yna Leil, Pretty Star Clothing and many more… I want to say thanks to the photographer that took my picture, Vin Khomarath.