Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pacific Media Expo 2014

November 7 was my birthday. I would like to thank everyone who attended pacific media expo. It was a good convention, i guess. The panels I went to are Comfy Cosplay Guidelines and Anime Dodgeball.
For day two, the panels I went to are Vocaloid Concert, Decoding Japanese Culture: Roots of Idenfity and the PMX Dance. The Anime Dodgeball was canceled on Saturday. On Sunday, there was an Ulimate Naruto Fan Panel and a gathering at the gardens. Here are the notes that I took from the Comfy Cosplay Guide Panel.
The elements are:
- your choice of cosplay, time, physical condition, and the make of your cosplay
- cardboard is good to create costly
- cosplay coices: con activties, budget, love to the character and your friends plan
- if you are plan to masquerade, wear comfortable shoes
- Always try your costumes head to toe. Make adjustments as much as you can. Try your costumes a week before.
- wigs for size, hair length/weight, wig weight and styling
- undergarment that is right, has to be right and body suits
- waist, belt, weapon carrying, costume design and make corset, crinoline, just to fix it

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Anime California 2014

The con-sweet should provide more food and drinks. Every department should have a budget, its not a freelance convention. The gatherings should be in the guidebook so the cosplayers know where to go. We should have a cosplay repair shop. We should have a medical office. For the concert, the staff should let the audience to mosh pit besides there is a big space to dance in. The panels was good, short lines and the timing was perfect. We need rules for the dress code. I met Kira Buckland, Steph Chu of Instagram, Rayko and Macho from Lolita Dark, Nana Doom Drops, Chocolate Covered Cosplay, Dustbunny, Nathan Hall, Danny G, Anastasia Wilson, Irene Cruz, Tiffany Silver, Jahlon, Marcela M, Dominique A, Vian D, Kevin Pham and Ethan Q from the Anime CA Staff. We need day dances. It would be nice if the dances were at different times so people could attend both fully without conflicting schedules, more video game torment would also be nice as well more musical guests. Also the security for the concert was very uptight and drained a lot of the energy from the show. A rock show is supposed to be high energy with lots of us to mosh until the end. Other than that, I enjoyed myself and would love to attend future events.

The negatives are consider guidebook app, split lounges and dances for ages with physical space and not by day, events hall can be too small, and adult amvs weren't p**n, reflect them… and the postivites are GOH interaction is intimate, keep con-sweet (con suite) and make it more visible, con staff are chill with no attitude, and always something to do. Thanks for your feedback, unknown attende!!!!! Love you!!!

Con-Sweet Shoutout:

I want to thank my dad Romeo Locsin for setting the budget and the setting up the food. I wanna thank Ethan Q for his creative thoughts. I wanna to thank Kevin Pham for being in charge of the walkie talkie. I want to thank Marcela M for being an awesome deptment head.

I wanna thank the following attendesss, Kiki Chan, Diana Chen, Kevin Pham, Aaron D, Auris Flown, Nathan Hall, Kevin J, Muscle Man cosplay, Darien K, Marcela M, Allison M, Kevin N, Preecha P, Christine R, Nana Rump, Aren S, Joel S, Rokana V, Drew K, Charle S, Danny G, Jose B, Micheal N, Claude F, Toxic R,Esta Chan, Anatasia W, Timy K,  Jahlon E, Megumi T, King L, Edward D, Vincent V, Scott K, Marcela M, Antonia L, Vian D, Chibi R, Judie H, Dominique A and Paula N.

I met Milly Mascare, Jimmy Sherfy, Goddesshax Cosplay, Dustbunny, and Chocolate Covered Cosplay

Monday, September 1, 2014

International Cosplay Day

Here is the event from yesterday: https://www.facebook.com/events/270478699823886/

They have bowling, arcade, photo booths, crane games, redemption games, karaoke, billiards, ping pong and darts. There was raffle, give away goodie bags, cosplay contest, give away mangabomb, hana and dinner at round1. Orginally, I want dinner from costco…

For the raffle part, the guys have la fitness pass and the girls will have loreal paris couleur expert express. It was disorganized but I had tons of fun with my new friends. Inside the goodie bag was costume camp 3 flyer, anime los angeles flyer, downey makeup acamdey flyer, halloween lollipop, fate pendulum's project italy flyer by azure lrica, cel-chibi cosplay business card, christmas card, christian tract, butterfly maze thing, amika no wishing mask hair, band-aid, special k cereal bars and chiclets.

The official photographer was…

The cosplay contest winners was and the prizes were Sailor Moon, Jessica Nigera and another cosplayer… I forget what was her name… so congrats!

1st place: Fullmetal Alchemist (I forget what character he was)
2nd place: Victoria
3rd place: Doctor Who

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Anime Expo 2014

Day 0: The line at Day 0 was 6 hours long

Day 1: I went to the polymer clay 101 and shy mints for special effects makeup for cosplayy. I met Vampbitme. Thanks theReaper for show me who she is.

Day 2: I went to the fashion show, cosplayy swimsuit contest. Thanks Thee for show me. I met Lonstermonster, Monika Lee, StephChu, and Leanna Vamp. I got a Sentaifilmworks at the exhibit hall.

Day 3: I went to hang out with my friends at Pure Performance Chripatic. Happy Sailor Moon Day. I went to the Pokemon Gathering. I went to do a Sailor Moon Stamp Rally at the exhibit hall.

Day 4: I went to the Scott Pilgrim vs the World Gathering. I watched Captains Savvy at the Lounge 21

Here is a list of what I got from Anime Expo 2014:
- Sailor Moon Poster
- SoniAni (Jessica N) Poster
- Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Poster
- Holley Tea Time Bat Necklace
- Brittany Cox Pictures
- welovefine Poster
-Green/Chocolate Poster
- Defender Button
- Hi-Chew Strawberry Candy
- NHK World Domo Postcard
- VizMedia Poster Card
- Ogeeku Postcard
- Samurai Warriors 4 fan
- Hello Kitty Fan
- Japan Expo Fan
- Captains Savvy Singalong Crew Flyer
- Sailor Moon Stamp Rally
- Costume Camp 3 Flyer
- ALA Postcard
- Girl Gamer Gathering Zero Flyer
- Sushi Ninja Postcard
- White/Silver Wig
- Sentaifilmworks ID Holder
- Funimation Channel Cup
- Wig Comb

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I went to a event called Kawaiiland. It was hosted by Luna Lovebad. The place was in Los Globos. The live dj set was Tune in Tokyo. Live performance by Nylon Pink and art by Plastic God. The website is kawaiiland.org. The vendors was Sugar and Space, Miss Alphanet, Jade Alexandra, Enkyokulls, Drea Ruiz, Rebulution, Lawrence Raymond Lopez, Syd Hanson, Edward Cap, Geeky Glamourous, Nerdy Bit, Clay Quarry, Rosaleen, Dhu Designs, So Kute Creations, The Finder Thing, Yna Leil, Pretty Star Clothing and many more… I want to say thanks to the photographer that took my picture, Vin Khomarath.