Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Anime Expo 2014

Day 0: The line at Day 0 was 6 hours long

Day 1: I went to the polymer clay 101 and shy mints for special effects makeup for cosplayy. I met Vampbitme. Thanks theReaper for show me who she is.

Day 2: I went to the fashion show, cosplayy swimsuit contest. Thanks Thee for show me. I met Lonstermonster, Monika Lee, StephChu, and Leanna Vamp. I got a Sentaifilmworks at the exhibit hall.

Day 3: I went to hang out with my friends at Pure Performance Chripatic. Happy Sailor Moon Day. I went to the Pokemon Gathering. I went to do a Sailor Moon Stamp Rally at the exhibit hall.

Day 4: I went to the Scott Pilgrim vs the World Gathering. I watched Captains Savvy at the Lounge 21

Here is a list of what I got from Anime Expo 2014:
- Sailor Moon Poster
- SoniAni (Jessica N) Poster
- Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Poster
- Holley Tea Time Bat Necklace
- Brittany Cox Pictures
- welovefine Poster
-Green/Chocolate Poster
- Defender Button
- Hi-Chew Strawberry Candy
- NHK World Domo Postcard
- VizMedia Poster Card
- Ogeeku Postcard
- Samurai Warriors 4 fan
- Hello Kitty Fan
- Japan Expo Fan
- Captains Savvy Singalong Crew Flyer
- Sailor Moon Stamp Rally
- Costume Camp 3 Flyer
- ALA Postcard
- Girl Gamer Gathering Zero Flyer
- Sushi Ninja Postcard
- White/Silver Wig
- Sentaifilmworks ID Holder
- Funimation Channel Cup
- Wig Comb

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