Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pacific Media Expo 2014

November 7 was my birthday. I would like to thank everyone who attended pacific media expo. It was a good convention, i guess. The panels I went to are Comfy Cosplay Guidelines and Anime Dodgeball.
For day two, the panels I went to are Vocaloid Concert, Decoding Japanese Culture: Roots of Idenfity and the PMX Dance. The Anime Dodgeball was canceled on Saturday. On Sunday, there was an Ulimate Naruto Fan Panel and a gathering at the gardens. Here are the notes that I took from the Comfy Cosplay Guide Panel.
The elements are:
- your choice of cosplay, time, physical condition, and the make of your cosplay
- cardboard is good to create costly
- cosplay coices: con activties, budget, love to the character and your friends plan
- if you are plan to masquerade, wear comfortable shoes
- Always try your costumes head to toe. Make adjustments as much as you can. Try your costumes a week before.
- wigs for size, hair length/weight, wig weight and styling
- undergarment that is right, has to be right and body suits
- waist, belt, weapon carrying, costume design and make corset, crinoline, just to fix it