Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Anime California 2014

The con-sweet should provide more food and drinks. Every department should have a budget, its not a freelance convention. The gatherings should be in the guidebook so the cosplayers know where to go. We should have a cosplay repair shop. We should have a medical office. For the concert, the staff should let the audience to mosh pit besides there is a big space to dance in. The panels was good, short lines and the timing was perfect. We need rules for the dress code. I met Kira Buckland, Steph Chu of Instagram, Rayko and Macho from Lolita Dark, Nana Doom Drops, Chocolate Covered Cosplay, Dustbunny, Nathan Hall, Danny G, Anastasia Wilson, Irene Cruz, Tiffany Silver, Jahlon, Marcela M, Dominique A, Vian D, Kevin Pham and Ethan Q from the Anime CA Staff. We need day dances. It would be nice if the dances were at different times so people could attend both fully without conflicting schedules, more video game torment would also be nice as well more musical guests. Also the security for the concert was very uptight and drained a lot of the energy from the show. A rock show is supposed to be high energy with lots of us to mosh until the end. Other than that, I enjoyed myself and would love to attend future events.

The negatives are consider guidebook app, split lounges and dances for ages with physical space and not by day, events hall can be too small, and adult amvs weren't p**n, reflect them… and the postivites are GOH interaction is intimate, keep con-sweet (con suite) and make it more visible, con staff are chill with no attitude, and always something to do. Thanks for your feedback, unknown attende!!!!! Love you!!!

Con-Sweet Shoutout:

I want to thank my dad Romeo Locsin for setting the budget and the setting up the food. I wanna thank Ethan Q for his creative thoughts. I wanna to thank Kevin Pham for being in charge of the walkie talkie. I want to thank Marcela M for being an awesome deptment head.

I wanna thank the following attendesss, Kiki Chan, Diana Chen, Kevin Pham, Aaron D, Auris Flown, Nathan Hall, Kevin J, Muscle Man cosplay, Darien K, Marcela M, Allison M, Kevin N, Preecha P, Christine R, Nana Rump, Aren S, Joel S, Rokana V, Drew K, Charle S, Danny G, Jose B, Micheal N, Claude F, Toxic R,Esta Chan, Anatasia W, Timy K,  Jahlon E, Megumi T, King L, Edward D, Vincent V, Scott K, Marcela M, Antonia L, Vian D, Chibi R, Judie H, Dominique A and Paula N.

I met Milly Mascare, Jimmy Sherfy, Goddesshax Cosplay, Dustbunny, and Chocolate Covered Cosplay

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