Saturday, June 22, 2013

What Does the Name Lolita Come From

Lolita is a term that refers to a sexually precouis young girl by a dictionary defintion a term that is based on Vladmir Nabokv's novel Lolita (1955) However, this defintion does not apply to Japanese Lolita. The origin of the fashion name has not been confirmed but it may be a case of wasei-eigo (japanese psudeo-angelicism) While the western adaption of Lolita is sexy, Japanese Lolita Fashion strikes for the opposite. Its a very modest look the majority of Lolitas would describe as elegant and cute rather than sexy. As such, Ero Lolita may be seen as controversial within the own subculture, as its the only style to lean towards sexiness, although it remains modest compared though the majority of western fashion styles.

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