Saturday, July 27, 2013

Agit Gallery presents Anime Explode

This is a free event. Amazing art, otaku comedy, live music and cosplay contest. The comedians are D-boy, Jason Daley and Trung Troung. I love the joke where D-boy explains when you watching anime, you pause and when you come back, its a pink screen, i was like lol. The live music was Midnight Shingimi, Momotama and Paprika Mari. There was a maid service provided by Tokari Maids. I was in the cosplay contest where I cosplayed ChunLi from Street Fighter. I didn't win though because I didn't make the dress, headband and other stuff. I gotta remember what the character poses. For updates, info and showtimes, visit Thank you Zero Kun Blank for hosting it! Yall awesome. Thanks to the photographers Zekie Cho, Marc Amba and All Lee. Videographer by: Project 760

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